Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

Set in a world where people can take to the skies, soaring above land and sea, an area called the Four Islands Archipelago has a technology called Grav-Shoes, which allow the wearer to fly....

Duration: 24 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue
"Mashiro Arisaka meets a ditzy student, Asuka Kurashina who he later discovers to be a transfer student to Kunahama Academy."
"After Reiko leaves, Shion begs Asuka and the others to join the Kunahama's Flying Circus team. At school, Shion's younger sister Madoka congratulates Asuka on scoring against Reiko. Madoka then encourages all of them to join the team. Asuka agrees almost immediately, but Masaya refuses and Misaki says she needs to think about it."
"To boost the new recruits' skills, Aoi calls the Takafuji Flying Circus Team to arrange a training camp during spring break. During the last day of the camp, Reiko arranges some practice matches. Asuka is up against Rika Ichinose, a first-year and Speeder at Takafuji and she manages to score a point with an Air Kick Turn, surprising everyone, but ultimately loses the match."
"Mashiro has been kept busy by make-up exams recently, causing her to often be late to FC training. Meanwhile, Misaki and Asuka are improving at a fast rate, leaving Mashiro lagging behind. After bumping into Rika by chance, Mashiro asks her to teach her the basics. Training starts the next day, and slowly Mashiro begins to pick up, and finds that she is more suited to be a Speeder like Rika than a Fighter like Misaki."
"The Summer Tournament has started, and Asuka is up against a girl named Arika Okoze from Shitou Suisan Academy. Misaki is up against Rika and Mashiro against Reiko. There, Asuka also spots the white-haired girl, Inui Saki from Kairyou Academy, who is playing against Shion. First up is Mashiro's match against Reiko."
"The second day of the Tournament has begun, and Asuka is up against Kasumi Kurobuchi from Dougaura High. Asuka wins 6-8 with an angry Kasumi wondering how Asuka can smile so happily during a serious match. Misaki is up against Kazunari next, with the latter taking the lead and avoiding the dogfight that Misaki is looking for."
"The second day of the Summer Tournament begins and Saki has won against Ganeko Mayu from Shitou Suisan. Only Kazunari and Saki are left for the final. During the ten-minute break, Irina approaches Aoi and explains to her that their style of FC was inspired by her, requesting that she watch the next match. Kazunari is confident but Saki slowly starts to dominate the match."
"Misaki has quit the FC team, much to the shock of the other members. Determined to work out an explanation from her, the girls try to talk to her, but Misaki is able to successfully escape their grasp each time."
"Misaki and the others are worried about Asuka who hasn't gone to school that day. The next day, Misaki finds Asuka in the clock tower and asks her about her feelings after losing to Saki. After school, during FC training, Asuka finds herself unable to execute moves she normally would have performed with ease. One night Misaki finds a drenched Asuka standing outside her house with a blank look on her face."
"The girls are practising harder than ever for the tournament. Halfway during a break, Asuka tries using her Grav-Shoes with balancers switched off, but finds it too hard to keep control."
"The Fall Tournament has begun and Mashiro is up against Rika. After a close match, Mashiro wins 7-6 but loses in her second match. In the semifinals, Misaki is up against Saki. The match begins and Saki starts for the buoy while Misaki takes a shortcut. Using a Sonic Boost Misaki manages to engage Saki in a dogfight and hits Saki up into the air."
"Asuka is facing off with Saki. Asuka uses three consecutive Sonic Boosts and a new technique called Pentagram Force to score the first two points. After scoring a point herself, Saki attacks Asuka but the latter evades all her attacks and scores her third point. Now 3-1, an angry Irina orders Saki to switch off her balancer, allowing her to tap into the full potential of her shoes."