Their wish to become comic book heroes forces three kids to take on the heroes' mortal enemies.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - BeetleBorgs
"Drew, Jo and Roland are hanging out at Zoom Comics reading the latest BeetleBorgs comics when local bullies Van and Trip dare them to go into the old abandoned Hillhurst House. They accept ..."
07 Sep 1996
"It's Wolfgang's favorite time of the month, the night of a full moon, and the other house monsters are trying to prevent Wolfgang from getting out. Despite their efforts, he escapes and ..."
21 Aug 1996
"Trip and Van learn that everyone knows they were too scared to go into the Hillhurst House, so they have a wrecking crew tear it down. Flabber sees the wreckers and enlists the house ..."
10 Sep 1996
"The kids rush off to warn Flabber that Dr. Buster Zapper is going to the Hillhurst House with his phasm blaster while Jara, Noxic and Typhus summon Terror Bear from the comic book. ..."
11 Sep 1996
"Flabber is sick, and when Drew, Jo and Roland go to check on him, they discover that his handkerchief is a treasure map. Deciding now to work as a team, Drew, Jo, and Roland, together with ..."
12 Sep 1996
"Wolfgang Smith bursts into Zoom Comics and upsets everyone. The Magnavors lure him back to the tomb where Vexor asks him to help get rid of the BeetleBorgs and the Hillhurst residents. But ..."
13 Sep 1996
"Roland is having trouble performing his magic tricks, so Flabber agrees to lend him a book of magic words. When Roland loses the book, Trip and Van find it and accidentally conjure up a ..."
14 Sep 1996
"A film crew decides to use the Hillhurst House for a shoot and Flabber is thrilled. When the film director discovers Graxxis (an escapee from an issue of the comic book) in the house, he ..."
16 Sep 1996
"Vexor pulls a charm from the comic book that will make whoever sees it the slave of the person wearing it. He plans to send it to the BeetleBorgs to make them fight amongst themselves and ..."
17 Sep 1996
"Nano's train is destined for destruction, but the BeetleBorgs must first chase GargantuRat who wants to kidnap Heather into the comic book. The BeetleBorgs catch up with the giant rodent ..."
18 Sep 1996
"When Fire Kat is pulled out of the comic by the Magnavors, he is far less ferocious than they hoped, so they decide to give him some lessons. Now a fire-breathing cat monster, the ..."
19 Sep 1996
"When Heather sees a beautiful necklace on evil sorceress Queen Magna in the latest comic, Drew decides to get it for her on her birthday. When he asks Flabber to zap him into the comic book..."
"No description"
21 Sep 1996
"Jo drinks some \"bad\" soda and turns into \"Mr. Hyde.\" She overturns tables and destroys the restaurant then bursts into Zoom Comics and causes a disturbance. At Hillhurst, Jo spills some \"..."
"No description"
27 Sep 1996
"Drew and Jo's cousin, Oliver, calls himself the biggest BeetleBorg fan ever and wants to grow up to be one of them. When Oliver wears his BeetleBorg costume out to play, the Magnavors ..."
28 Sep 1996
"As Nano is about to make a deposit at the Charterville Bank, two bank robbers take her money and run. Drew, Jo and Roland track the robbers to the Hillhurst House where Flabber and the ..."
04 Oct 1996
"Nano meets a famous rock band who is in Charterville to make a record. When Trip suggests they rehearse at Hillhurst, the house monsters give chase and the band takes shelter in the Stone ..."
05 Oct 1996
"The kids go to Comi-Con, the world' s best comic-book convention, but realize Aaron, who has their tickets, is gone! Posing as BeetleBorgs, they finally get in and run into Jara, Noxic and ..."
11 Oct 1996
"While Drew and Jo are experimenting with his new plant, they realize it can talk! Meanwhile, the Magnavors send the Plant Monster from one of the comic books to Hillhurst in search of it's ..."
18 Oct 1996
"Soon after Dr. Von Frankenbeans arrives at Hillhurst, he begins bossing Flabber and the other house monsters around. While they are thinking about how to get rid of him without upsetting ..."
"No description"
25 Oct 1996
"Jara, Noxic and Typhus plant an electronic brain device in the attic at Hillhurst. When the kids and house monsters discover it, they find that when you hold it in your hands, the things ..."
31 Oct 1996
"When Drew, Jo and Roland show up at Hillhurst on Halloween as trick-or-treaters, Frankenbeans is so intrigued with the notion that he sneaks out to explore. Jara, Noxic and Typhus kidnap ..."
02 Nov 1996
"Flabber hosts a special breakfast for everyone at Hillhurst. Fangula, miffed that there is no blood, storms off and bites Van and Trip who turn into vampires! Flabber tells the kids that ..."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
14 Nov 1996
"Vexor's monsters are consumed by jealousy over the Shadow Borg, the key to Vexor's escape from the comics into the real world. While Flabber conducts interviews for the White Borg, the ..."
15 Nov 1996
"The kids and the gang at Hillhurst have fleas! Not only that, they're still \"itching\" to find a way to get rid of the Shadow Borg. The Borgs manage to steal Vexor's energy axis and use it ..."
16 Nov 1996
"Vexor throws down the gauntlet and challenges the BeetleBorgs to a fight - Shadow Borg vs. Blue Mega BeetleBorg. But Vexor and his gang are no match for the BeetleBorgs! Vexor gives in, ..."
25 Nov 1996
"When the kids are assigned to do group reports on a historical figure, Drew and Roland choose Blackbeard the Pirate. Not only do they choose him for the paper, they want to bring him to ..."
"As Christmas Day approaches, Flabber recruits the house monsters to decorate the Hillhurst House for the holidays. When Flabber discovers that Christmas gifts and trees are being stolen all..."
21 Mar 1997
"Things get pretty hairy when the terrible trio decide to cause a little \"pet mischief\" in Charterville by kidnapping all the pets in town! It' s up to the BeetleBorgs to get the pets back, ..."
"No description"
28 Mar 1997
"Dr. Frankenbeans returns to Hillhurst to repair young Frankenbeans' defective brain and turns him into a genius! Unfortunately however, he has lost his heart and soul in the process. Not ..."
03 Apr 1997
"Flabber, the house monsters and the kids try to save Mums when he gets \"mum-napped\" by the same archaeologist who originally found the tomb. Also an artifact that was stolen by the ..."
04 Apr 1997
"Eerie noises are looming over the cemetery, and old man Hillhurst leaves to return to his old home. There's only one glitch...he wants Flabber and the gang out right away! Meanwhile, ..."
10 Apr 1997
"When the house monsters can't agree on which of them is the scariest, Flabber scares up a frightening contest that leaves Jo feeling, well, not quite like herself. Meanwhile, the terrible ..."
11 Apr 1997
"It's Wolfgang's favorite time of the month, the night of a full moon, and the other house monsters are trying to prevent Wolfgang from getting out. Despite their efforts, he escapes and ..."
"No description"
18 Apr 1997
"Baron Von Frankenbeans pieces together a bride for young Frankenbeans and brings her to life. While the terrible trio scheme to ruin the wedding by sending the Red Crasher, the bride ..."
21 Apr 1997
"Flabber is upset that he might lose his roommate Fangula since he's been neglecting his vampire duties. Vlad, the Commissioner of Vampires, is ready to take Fangula back to Transylvania's ..."
25 Apr 1997
"While Mums and Fangula argue over which of them is scarier than the other, Wolfie searches Flabber's book for a spell to switch people' s bodies. When the Magnavors ambush the kids at ..."
"No description"
02 May 1997
"The Magnavors make one too many mistakes and an infuriated Vexor fires all of them. While spying on Hillhurst, Vexor sees the hungry house monsters chasing the kids and decides they'd make ..."
"No description"
09 May 1997
"Jara, Noxic, and Typhus leave an unusual baby on the Hillhurst doorstep. When Mums discovers him, suddenly the entire household is talking like babies. The kids take the baby away, thinking..."
12 May 1996
"A new nerd in Jo's class named Norman claims to be from a family of vampire hunters, and says he must get rid of Fangula. When the skeptical kids mention Norman's name to Fangula, they ..."
"No description"
19 May 1997
"The author of \"Fright Files\" thinks that Hillhurst would be a great inspiration for his work and moves in. Meanwhile, Vexor's new power-phaser makes Typhus more powerful and they set off to..."
20 May 1997
"Wolfgang's recurring daydream of causing a mutiny becomes reality when Wolfie accidentally returns Flabber to the pipe organ where he gets stuck. Vexor and the Magnavors burglarize Art ..."
21 May 1997
"The BeetleBorgs take a beating from Borgslayer and finally escape to Hillhurst where they must rescue Flabber from the organ and Art from the monsters. Things look bleak for the BeetleBorgs..."