Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World

CNN's award-winning journalist, Christiane Amanpour travels around the world to talk with women about the rules of engagement in relationships and intimacy. In this six-part documentary ...

Genre: Documentary , Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World
"CNN's Christiane Amanpour travels the world covering global affairs but hadn't explored the love lives of strangers -- until now. Amanpour gets personal with women she meets in various corners of the globe by inquiring about their intimate lives. In the process, she shines a light on what sex and love look like around the world."
"Why these Indian millennials are choosing arranged marriage (CNN)In many ways, Naina is no different than millennial women I know in the United States.\n\nShe is 20 and finishing a degree in psychology at a Delhi university. She wears Zara skinny jeans and H&M T-shirts and hangs out with her girlfriends at one of Delhi's myriad American-style malls and coffee shops.\n\nShe listens to R&B and EDM on Apple Music; her favorite song is \"She Will Be Loved\" by Maroon 5. Cable TV is so yesterday; she streams shows and movies on Netflix. Her favorite? \"Something Borrowed,\" in which a young woman falls in love with her best friend's fianc\u00e9.\n\nBut when it comes to marriage, Naina's views might shock American women her age. She reflects a way of thinking long engrained in the culture of my homeland: Your parents know best."
07 Apr 2018
"What happens when a city with a tolerant, public conversation about sex is joined by people from conservative traditions?"
14 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018
"Is Shanghai a city where women are taking control of their identities and their love lives?"