Little Women: Dallas

Another spinoff of The Little Women franchise. This one is about the lives of Little Women living in Dallas, Texas.

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Little Women: Dallas
"The ladies celebrate Caylea\u2019s 21st birthday. Emily and Bri must decide if The Cheeks will stay together or part ways. Tiffani\u2019s boyfriend makes a surprise visit, but not everyone is happy about it."
"Tiffani hosts a Texas-style BBQ so everyone can get to know her boyfriend better. Bri invites the group out to a lake for a day of fun, but things get heated when Tiffani gives Caylea some life-disrupting news."
"Caylea moves out, Austin moves in and Wooda leaves Bri\u2026for now. After months of mourning, Emily is finally ready to try and say goodbye to the son she lost."
"The roommate drama isn\u2019t over when Tiffani drops an expensive bomb on Caylea. Amanda prepares for her bodybuilding competition, but is thrown off by a surprise drug test. And a football party ends in disaster."
"Southern manners go out the window when Caylea\u2019s football party becomes an all-out brawl. Amanda goes on a blind date with one of the tallest men in Texas."
"Brichelle attempts to apologize the group, but the girls aren\u2019t ready to forgive and forget. Asta\u2019s Cosplay party is cut short when Caylea gets a surprise visit from someone."
"Asta finally goes in for genetic testing to find out what kind of dwarfism she has. Meanwhile, Tiffani runs into problems with Austin, while Amanda reconnects with an old flame."
"When their relationship hits a rocky patch, Tiffani sends Austin packing. After reuniting, Amanda and her ex get serious. And tension rises between Asta and Emily over their new business venture."
"Bri puts pressure on Wooda to define their relationship. Emily decides to open a mini-bar in Dallas without Asta and Ty. And after tensions rise at Asta\u2019s birthday party someone gets served."
"Asta considers an offer that could launch her art career and Caylea is confronted about her back-stabbing behavior. Meanwhile, Emily decides that she\u2019s ready to have another baby and Tiffani has a health scare that could change her life."
"Bri is forced to make a tough decision about Meek\u2019s health. Emily asks Terra to be her business partner, and Caylea is shocked by her pregnancy test results."
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Season 2 - Little Women: Dallas
"The season premiere of \u201cLittle Women: Dallas\u201d finds the ladies divided into two groups following last season\u2019s explosive reunion where Caylea accused Amanda of starting a romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Any hope of restoring the fractured friendships is shattered when the ladies all meet up at a nightclub and Caylea and Amanda take the gloves off."
"Amanda bounces back from Caylea\u2019s assault and embarks on a dangerous new career. Emily confronts Caylea about disrespecting the memory of her son, leaving Caylea with no allies. And Brichelle emerges as peacemaker, asking everyone to visit a special place where they can \u201csmash each other\u2019s faces without smashing each other\u2019s faces.\u201d Will Caylea show up and face the group?"
"Bri tries to kick start her modeling career with a risqu\u00e9 move! Meanwhile, when Tiffani and Austin seek outside relationship help, Austin loses his cool. And the beef between Caylea, Emily and Amanda gets heated at Dallas\u2019s Meat Church."
"Amanda\u2019s new girlfriend sheds light on her relationship with Caylea. Single gals Bri and Brichelle try their luck with a matchmaker and get decidedly mixed results. With her friendship with the Cheeks on the ropes, Caylea strikes out on her own as a host at mudwrestling events. But when she hits a roadblock with her new boss, will Caylea\u2019s career be over before it starts?"
"Emily goes into attack mode after she learns that Tiffani has been showing Lontel\u2019s mugshot to the rest of the group. When Caylea introduces D\u2019Quan to her dad, he expresses concern. Tiffani and Austin stress test their relationship at a survival school, where sparks fly. And a sword fight between Emily and Tiffani gets out of hand at the Renaissance Faire."
"The girls deal with the aftermath of the Renaissance Faire fight and Caylea confronts Tiffani about Austin\u2019s verbal abuse. Amanda decides to get breast augmentation surgery, but her blood pressure takes a dangerous nosedive. And Brichelle invites the girls to a charity event, but it\u2019s the after-party that makes jaws drop."
"When Amanda makes a startling admission, it leaves the ladies with mixed emotions. Emily is rushed to the doctor for a medical emergency. And when a huge opportunity comes her way, Caylea\u2019s music career could be on a fast-track\u2026as long as old drama doesn\u2019t derail it."
"Best friends Asta and Amanda come to blows over Chase\u2019s behavior at the Open Mic night. A fearful Emily goes under the knife to fix her ailing hearing. Asta starts driving lessons with decidedly mixed results. Caylea and D\u2019Quan appear on \u201cThe Rickey Smiley Morning Show\u201d to plug their new song. And Caylea gets rattled when a surprise caller catches her off guard during the interview."
"Just as Amanda's acting career moves forward with her first audition, her friendships with Asta and Caylea fall apart. Bri sets her mind on a career in nursing, but worries she will come up short. And when Caylea throws her boyfriend D'Quan a 21st birthday party, she's the one who gets the surprise of a lifetime."