My Cat from Hell

Jackson deals with cats that are not very well behaved. He helps couples and all sorts of people with their behavioral issues.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Jackson Galaxy

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - My Cat from Hell
"A cat named Bear attacks Hannah's boyfriend; Matt loves his fiance but hates her cat."
"Sean can't deal with his fiance's cat; David's cat Fifi has made his girlfriend feel unwelcome."
"A couple are surprised to discover that the cat they're fostering is feral; a pair deal with a cat that has extreme mood changes."
Season 2 - My Cat from Hell
"A vicious cat named Kleo attacks Tim's cats, keeping him from proposing to his girlfriend, Brooklyn. Heather and Alan's cat Ruby ruins their in-home Pilates studio and threatens their livelihood with her sudden fits of aggression."
"A Bengal cat with jungle energy is disrupting the peace between girlfriends Shanna and Lori. Ned and Kellee's cat, Mad Max, sneaks into their neighbor's apartment, and is too dangerous to be around their soon-to-be-born baby."
"A female cat named Larry with disturbing bouts of aggression threatens to keep Josh and Tara from getting married. War veteran Bobby and his girlfriend In-Hae deal with Marco, a cat that reacts violently towards their tiny dog, Yuki"
"A vicious cat prevents Rob and Stephanie from adding a baby to their family. Jessica's cat, Mr. Fluff, chases her and her boyfriend Cameron around the house, scratching up everything in sight."
"Penny Lane is a crazed cat that hates Laura's roommate, Lizzy, and attacks her at every opportunity. Newlyweds Marty and Karen have just moved into their dream house, but their dream was soon shattered as their cats began to attack each other."
"Dorothy and Travis's cat, Polly, vomits out of anger, and attacks the couple. They're afraid their 2-year old son is her next victim. Two sphinx cats, Black Rose and Mathilda, battle for control over Steve and Dierdre's home."
Season 3 - My Cat from Hell
"In the Season 3 premiere, a couple's two cats can't be left unsupervised because one of them is too aggressive, while a man and a woman differ on how to deal with their Bengal cat's attacks on its female owner."
"A cat's mood darkens after a couple adopts a kitten; a woman's son is scared of her cat since it has become meaner with age."
"A cat's hissing and scratching confounds its owners, who differ on how to deal with its habits; a woman is ready to give up on a cat because of its unpleasant disposition."
"A cat's constant crying wakes its owners up at 4am, and a guest bathroom may be a solution to their situation; a cat that chews on everything has a couple baffled."
"A couple's cat ruins furniture, knocks things off shelves and climbs window screens in an effort to escape; a cat's frightening behavior could sabotage its owners' wedding plans."
"A couple's family won't visit because of a cat's temper; a woman's cat doesn't like her boyfriend."
"A couple's cat eats everything, forcing them to employ childproofing tactics in their home; a woman's cat doesn't take kindly to her male suitors."
"A cat attacks its owners in addition to their visitors; a cat is aggressive toward a mother, her daughter and their pet dogs."
"A couple expecting their first child worry how their cat will react to a new member of the family; two women's social lives suffer because of their territorial cat."
"A couple can't figure out how to get their cats to stop fighting; a cat doesn't take kindly to its owner's new roommate."
Season 4 - My Cat from Hell
"A deaf and blind cat stops using its litter box and becomes hostile toward its owners and a new kitten; a couple puts their family plans on hold due to violent feuding between their dog and cat."
"A woman and her two feuding cats move to a tiny studio apartment; a ferocious feline attacks a 95-year-old woman."
"Bloodthirsty fights lead to urination and frustration; a couple are confused by their pet's odd relationship with a stuffed animal."
"A stray cat with a violent side manages to pull on a woman's heartstrings; a cat attacks other felines."
"Cat bully Buddy makes life miserable for fellow feline Lita; a kitty named Princess Puffy Pants urinates on everything."
"A one-eyed cat with cerebellar hypoplasia torments another feline; a woman's cat urinates on anything and everything."
"A cat marks everything in its owner's home; a new cat causes trouble for a couple and their older feline."
"An aggressive cat worries an expectant couple; a woman who wants to become an animal behaviorist struggles with two fighting felines of her own."
"A woman and her sweet cat are terrorized by a nasty feline; a Persian pooh-poohs the use of a litter box."
"A cat-show contestant takes her aggression out on the judges; a man with Crohn's disease cannot stand his cat's constant meowing."
"A couple want to move in together, but an uncooperative cat stands in the way of their plans; a demonic feline creates stress for a married couple."
"A hellish feline destroys an Italian family's close-knit bonds; a woman moves in with a friend, not knowing that she owns a psychotic cat."
"Rick's cat, Buddha, bullies his friend and roommate, Hector; a couple is kept sleeping apart by their cat, Dylan."
"A man invites his girlfriend and her foul-tempered feline into his home; two cats that refuse to use a litter box threaten to doom a couple's five-year relationship."
"A long friendship between three women is put at risk by the evil behavior of one's cat; a bad Bengal cat threatens to get her owner kicked out of her parents' home."
"A shelter cat dubbed \"Crazy Daisy\" flies into rages and suffers from self-inflicted wounds; she-devil Gizmo's violent ways cause stress for a married couple who want to start a family."
"Jackson revisits clients from the first four seasons of the show to see how they and their cats are doing, and also checks back on one of his toughest cases."
Season 5 - My Cat from Hell
"Jackson Galaxy is in Austin, Texas, to help a professional skydiver with two high-flying Savannah cats, Morello and Darwin; a couple's Maine coon cat, Wolfie, is pooping all over the house and covering it up with their stuff."
"Coco is a vicious cat; Foley the cat is dividing newlyweds Joseph and Ruth."
"Little cat Littlez is a big terror; Whisky poops anywhere, everywhere and on whomever."
"Dexter is out to kill Daisy; Sarah's birthday gift, Giver, is not a great gift."
"Einstein the cat ferociously attacks whenever he sees the other house cat, Izzy; a couple expecting their first baby must make a decision about their indoor cat, Ben who was diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis which could threaten the newborn's life."
"Puma puts married couple's vows to the test; 8-year-old snowshoe cat, Riley is tearing apart 45 year marriage."
"Jackson heads to Portland where a family and their cat made national headlines when Lux the cat trapped his family in a room forcing them to call 911."
"Greg and Dina have three adorable children and one vicious, hostile cat named Mia; Tenille's cat, Precious is not her namesake."
"Frankie the cat pees and poops all over Daniel and Desiree's new mulit-million dollar dream home; newly adopted Dyna hunts has the other cat,Sugar, hiding for her life."
"Alyssa's cat, Tosh, terrorizes her boyfriend Andy when he moves in; Eric and Kaotar's cat, Vincent, destroys window screens and doors as he continuously tries to escape."
Season 6 - My Cat from Hell
"In the season premiere, newlyweds who both have cats bring them together under one roof, but one stalks and bullies its new sibling, which makes it pee all over the house. Meanwhile, a man's cat is so aggressive that his friends won't visit him, and the animal's diet of fried chicken, chips and doughnuts probably don't help its behavior."
"Barnabas didn't turn out to be the cuddler that Alan and Shannon wanted, but rather a hissing, scratching, biting demon cat whose only kryptonite was opera music."
"Marco's cat Monty eats anything in sight from shoes to bedspreads, yet Marco blames his new bride Aimee for enabling Monty's bad habit; Leilani and Michael had a happy two-cat household until Leilani brought in two more."
"Jordan's beloved cat Chloe bullies Julie's cat Ketone making these newlywed's new life together a nightmare; Latham and Adrian spent a small fortune renovating their beachfront home in Laguna, but their cat Ducati is destroying their hard work."
Season 8 - My Cat from Hell
"In the Season 8 premiere, a cat's aggressive behavior has a couple worried about their baby, and a cat with a wild side opens doors to get outside and hunt. Also: a \"My Cat From Heaven\" segment on a lifesaving feline in Ohio."
"Jackson must rescue Meki and Megan from their cycle of co-dependency before they're both kicked out of Megan's parent's place, or worse; Jackson tutors a bouncer on how to handle his sweet Tasmanian devil of a cat."
"Skylar the cat is deathly afraid of her own tail; Jackson meets pair of guardians whose cat is destroying the house and attacking people at random."
"A tour of the Koneko Cat Caf\u00e9 in New York City. Also: Two roommates' cats keep attacking each other; a mother and daughter struggle to care for a frightened feral cat."
"Jackson goes to a shelter in Los Angeles to help an overaggressive cat, and ultimately gets involved in a new concept for the facility."
Season 9 - My Cat from Hell
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Season 10 - My Cat from Hell
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